Nathaniel Hodges junior

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  1. Son of Joseph Hodges (died c. 1718). Inherited Luana estate in St Elizabeth from his father. Of Eton, Berkshire.

  2. Nathaniel Hodges junior of Britain. Slave-owner in Jamaica. Died c. 1736, a bachelor. His estate was left unadministered by his brother Joseph Andreise Hodges, esq., and uncle Thomas Hodges, esq., deceased. John Pennant, husband and guardian of Bonella Pennant, minor, sister, was his next of kin and administratrix.

  3. Nathaniel Hodges, junior of Britain, gentleman. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1736. Slave-ownership at probate: 166 of whom 79 were listed as male and 87 as female. 43 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £5809.5 Jamaican currency of which £4130 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £0 currency cash, £0 currency debts and £0 currency plate.

  4. Probate inventory, or declaration, of the estate of Nathaniel Hodges, bachelor, who died in Jamaica, recorded January 1737.


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