Anne or Ann Poulter (née Banister)

???? - 1839


Residuary heir of her father John Banister (q.v.). She married Rev. Edmund Poulter, a pluralist clergyman and 'politician of high Tory principles', in 1780. The two were parties to a deed of 1787 whereby James Nibbs redeemed a mortgage held by the heirs of John Banister on an estate described as Dickinson's Bay Plantation and tentatively identified as forming part of Marble Hill by LBS.


Gentleman's Magazine May 1832 pp. 472-3.

Further Information

Maiden Name
Rev. Edmund Poulter

Associated Estates (1)

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1774 [SY] - 1787 [EY] → Mortgage Holder

LBS has tentatively inferred that the estate described as Dickinson's Bay Plantation belonging to Samuel Nibbs in 1760 which was mortgaged to John Banister in 1764 and then redeemed by James Nibbs from Banister's heirs in 1787 became part of Marble Hill.

Relationships (3)

Daughter → Father
Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law
Sister-in-law → Brother-in-law

Addresses (1)

The Close, Winchester, Hampshire, Wessex, England
Notes →

Of The Close Winchester when she attested the will of her husband in 1832.