Samuel Ashton Thompson later Yates

???? - 1903


Grandson and beneficiary under the will of Joseph Brooks Yates (q.v.). He left £233,652 12s 4d in 1903.

  1. Announcement in 1867 by Samuel Ashton Thompson that he was taking the Yates surname in accordance with a certain instrument of Joseph Brooks Yates's will of 1855.


National Probate Calendar 1904.

  1. Times 29/07/1867 p. 1.

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University Building
Thompson Yates Building [Built] 
description →
Health Sciences building at University of Liverpool, built 1894-9, designed by Alfred Waterhouse. 'Named after Rev. Samuel Ashton Thompson Yates who came from a notable mercantile, banking and...

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Grandson → Grandfather
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In 1867 Samuel Ashton Thompson changed his name by adding Yates in accordance with the will of Joseph Brooks Yates [who was his...