Capt. Leeson Blackwood

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Brother of James Stevenson Blackwood, 2nd Baron Dufferin and Clandeboye (q.v.). An army officer, he moved from Antigua to Trinidad in 1802, and established an estate apparently financed by his brother. His will made in 1800 and proved in 1805 is silent on slave-property.


Will of Leeson Blackwood of Webber Row St George's Field proved 21/02/1805, PROB 11/1420/2125; Jennifer A. McLaren, 'Irish Lives in the British Caribbean: Engaging with Empire in the Revolutionary Era', Macquarie University, 2018, pp. 115-116. McLaren infers reasonably enough that the estate established by Leeson Blackwood - and described by him as 600 acres 'in a seaside situation' with a dozen slaves - was the North or New Union estate at Carajal later shown in 1819 and 1822 under the ownership of his brother James Stevenson Blackwood. This estate was shown however in 1813 as owned by Allen Macdonald.

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