John Mackay Macdonald

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Son of Donald Mackay (the builder of Drumbuie House, d. 1791). John Mackay Macdonald reportedly went to Jamaica to oversee his father's estate there (which has not been traced to date by LBS) and then moved to Berbice, taking ownership of the Bloomfield estate there. He returned to Britain, then bought the estate of Carrigeenaveagh near Cork in Ireland. To date no death-date or will has been found for him.


David Alston, Slaves & Highlanders, [accessed 01/04/2020] identified him as the Jno Mc-C Macdonald in the Berbice Slave Register for 1817 dated as 1818 as owner of Bloomfield. Stephanie Barczewski Country Houses and the British Empire 1700-1930 (2014) pp. 262-269 shows him as one of five slave-owners ('West Indian planters') purchasing estates in Ireland (it gives his Cork estate as Carricknaveagh).

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(1) Catherine Maria (2) ellen Hillard Fuller

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Carrigeeneveagh, near Cork, Ireland