John Robinson MP

1727 - 1802


MP for Westmorland and then Harwich, who gained 'a substantial portion' through his marriage to Mary, according to the ODNB and the History of Parliament the daughter of 'Nathaniel Crowe' 'a West India planter' of Barbados, but according to Notes & Queries in 1920 in fact the daughter of Nathan Crow's brother James, a conclusion that LBS supports.


Cannon, John. "Robinson, John (1727–1802), politician." Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. 23 Sep. 2004; Accessed 11 Apr. 2020.;; Note & Queries Series 12 Vol. VII 31/07/1920 p. 93.

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Mary Crowe

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Political (1)

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Westmorland Westmorland
1764 - 1774
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Harwich Essex
1774 - 1802

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John Robinson married Mary Crow in London in 1759. LBS has concluded she was the daughter of James Crow (who died c....
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John Robinson was married to Mary Crow[e], Richard Smith's step-daughter and reportedly the daughter of 'Nathaniel Crowe'. However it appears that she was the daughter of James Crow, the brother of...