William Robertson of Glasgow

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Co-owner with John Robertson (q.v., under John Robertson of Plantation) and Andrew Robertson (q.v.) and their wives of Prospect on Carriacou until they sold it c. 1793 to John Bell.

  1. Almost certainly the William Robertson of Girvan Ayrshire whose will [made at Govan 02/07/1804] was proved 16/04/1807. in the will he distributed his 'small property' among servants and family, including his nephew George Buchanan of Comesee Jamaica who had allowed him [William Robertson] £50 p.a. when he believed him to be under distressed circumstances. One of his executors was John Robertson merchant in Glasgow, probably John Robertson of Plantation (q.v.), who by 1807 was not among the surviving executors. The will was attested by William Scott and John M. Robertson of Glasgow, the latter almost certainly John Murdoch Robertson (q.v.), his nephew.

  2. In 1791 John, Andrew and William Robertson of Glasgow, together with Gilbert Douglas of St Vincent, bought a town lot designated Lot no. 20 in Calliaqua, St Vincent from Jean Rogue for £412 10s.


  1. PROB 11/1460/96.

  2. Endangered Archives Project 688, Deed Book 1791, British Library, EAP688/1/1/5, https://eap.bl.uk/archive-file/EAP688-1-1-5 pp.197-201.

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- 1793 [EY] → Joint owner

1793, 7 October, Indenture between William ROBERTSON, merchant, Glasgow, John ROBERTSON, Merchant, wife Elizabeth, Glasgow, Andrew ROBERTSON, merchant, wife Ramsey, Glasgow, & John BELL Carriacou. Prospect Estate of 150 acres on Carriacou, property & slaves.

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Possibly also brothers...
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William Robertson's will identified George Buchanan of Comesee Jamaica as his nephew and as his benefactor when William Robertson was under distressed circumstances....
Business associates
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The two men, together with Robertson's partners, bought a town lot in Calliaqua in 1791...