James Cazenove

???? - 1827


London merchant, father of Philip Cazenove and father-in-law of John Francis Menet, the founders in 1823 of the prominent stockbroking firm now owned by J.P. Morgan. Jas. Cazenove & Co. was one of the 17 signatories of a petition to the Duke of Portland concerning St Domingue, dated 25/07/1794, which opened 'We the undersigned Merchants & Ship Owners interested in the affairs of Saint Domingo, by advances made to the Proprietors of Plantations in the Island, Engagements entered into with them, & by considerable adventures from hence', and which appealed for more British military commitment to eliminate the 'banditti' and disarm the 'Bodies of Negroes' on the island.

  1. According to David Kynaston, 'James [Cazenove's] business involved a wide range of activities and, like many other merchants of the period, he seems to have been as much a banker as merchant.' Three of James Cazenove's sons - Henry, James jun., and John - joined their father's firm in 1813. They were bankrupt in 1831.


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  1. Kynaston, Cazenove pp. 12, 13 and 24.

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