Thomas Smith formerly Duck 'of Gray's Inn'

???? - 1805


Thomas Smith was described as the 'London factor' (consignee) for Worthy Park by Craton and Walvin, and as advancing £18,000 to John Price of Penzance [the younger] by 1794, and further sums on Worthy Park and Spring Garden c. 1796. The counterparty of John Price was shown as Thomas Smith 'of Gray's Inn' in a deed of 1794 and Thomas Smith of Gray's Inn was a trustee under the will of John Price of Penzance the younger. This combination of legal and mercantile roles appears anomalous (although cf. Ambrose Humphrys (q.v.)), and raises the possibility that there is some confusion about the role(s) played by Thomas Smith (formerly Duck) of Gray's Inn in relation to Worthy Park.

  1. The will of Thomas Smith [late of Gray's Inn and of Grove House Tottenham but now of] Bedford Square proved 15/10/1805 included a £500 legacy to William Cardale, and must be the will of the same man as the man of the deed of 1794. The will makes no reference to property in Jamaica or to mercantile business. He left £7000 in trust for Mary Smith spinster late of Grove House but living at 20 Bedford Square (presumably his natural daughter): his residuary heir after monetary legacies and annuities to a range of individual not further identified was George Smith of Goldicote Worcestershire.

  2. The Monthly Magazine obituary for him is unrevealing as to his profession but says: 'His name was Duck but he took that of Smith for a fortune that was left to him.'


Craton & Walvin, A Jamaican Plantation pp. 115, 178, 180 and 186; 'Deed between William Cardale of London, gentleman, and John Price of Penzance in the county of Cornwall, Esq., and Thomas Smith of Gray's Inn, London. This relates to a Sugar Plantation called Worthy Park or Lonidas Plantation, situate in the parish of St. John in the Island of Jamaica; one very large skin of parchment, with a sworn affidavit before the Lord Mayor of London, in May 1794, and one before the Mayor of Penzance, in April 1794, signed by William Cordale [sic] and John Price. The whole Deed is in fine state and dated the sixth day of March 1794',

  1. PROB 11/1432/118.

  2. The Monthly Magazine Vol. 20 (Jan. 1806) p. 570.

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1789 [EA] - 1805 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

Thomas Smith was shown as first co-lending against Worthy Park in 1789, and increasing the amount 1794, by Craton and Walvin. Smith was certainly a trustee: it is less clear that he put up money himself.

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