Mary Cure (née Willis)

???? - 1809


Daughter of Mary Willis nee Freeman (q.v.) and sister of Joseph Webb Willis (q.v.). Under her mother's will she was to inherit two estates on Antigua as tenant-for-life, and then to be able to leave £6000 charged on the estates. She appears to have predeceased her mother by a matter of months.

  1. "Last week died, at Exmouth, where she had resided for some years past, Mrs Cure, and this morning her remains were inter'd in St Peter's Cathedral in this city."

  2. Administration of the will of Mary Cure widow [formerly of Eversley in Hampshire, afterwards of The Belvedere near Bath but late] of Exmouth Devon was granted 26/07/1810. In the will she rehearsed her mother's own will and its entail of the Antiguan estates to the family of Lydia Sutton nee Byam (q.v.), and left the £6000 charged on the estates among a network of relative and friends.


  1. Exeter Flying Post 09/11/1809.

  2. PROB 11/1513/396. The attestation of the will in June 1810 showed her as dying 'on or about the beginning of November last'.

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Further Information

Maiden Name
George Cure

Relationships (2)

Daughter → Mother
Sister → Brother

Addresses (3)

Exmouth, Devon, Devon & Cornwall, England
Eversley, Hampshire, Wessex, England
Belvedere, Lansdown Road, Bath, Somerset, South-west England, England