James Doran

???? - 1766


  1. London sailor and slave-owner on Montserrat. He was the 'owner' of Olaudah Equiano in 1763. He bought the Wash and Old Road plantations on Montserrat in 1764 in two separate transactions. He was almost certainly the James Doran of Montserrat who was dead by 1770 when his executors were involved in a Privy Council appeal.

  2. Felix Doran of Liverpool, merchant and John Kirwan of London, merchant, executors of James Doran, mariner, decd, appoint Nicholas Tuite of London, merchant, Laurence Bodkin of St Croix, &and Andrew Lynch and Charles O'Gara of Montserrat as their attorneys. 9 June 1766.

  3. "... will of James Doran, Commander of the ship Charming Sally bound for Montserrat, dated 11 December 1764". Codicil to the will dated 1 March 1766. Referenced in an Indenture 27/06/1793 between John Doran of Montserrat, son of John Doran the brother of James Doran, and other Doran family members of Ireland, and Peter Dowdy of Montserrat.


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  2. Image ROD_MNI_1761_105 in folder 1761 at Montserrat National Trust digital archives. Page 187 in physical volume Register of Deeds marked "1761" at MNT.

  3. Images ROD_MNI_1792_155 and 156 in folder 1792 at Montserrat National Trust digital archives. Pages 334-336 in physical volume Register of Deeds marked "1792" at MNT.

We are grateful to Neil How for providing us with the MNT Register of Deeds information and references.

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Sailor (Merchant Navy)

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1764 [EA] - 1764 [LA] → Buyer

A deed of sale for Old Road plantation between Nicholas Tuite and James Doran May 1764 is recorded in the Montserrat Book of Deeds July 1765 -1767 Montserrat Reel 7 8-9 47, John F. Cherry, Krysta Ryzewski (eds.) An Archaeological History of Montserrat, West Indies (2020) p. 170.

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John Davis Molineux bequeathed the 1/16th of the Charming Sally, master James Doran, that the owned in his will made in 1761. This was the ship on which Olaudah Equiano sailed in 1763. ...