Mrs Deborah Hurt

???? - 1761


Co-heir of an unnamed estate on Nevis owned by Frances Bladen under the latter's will dated 27/10/1746, which showed the estate leased for £300 p.a. In her own will made in 1761 and proved 24/11/1761 Deborah Hurt of Egham left her 1/6th share of the estate, which she said was in the possession of William Mills, to Mrs Mary Foster, wife of Thomas Foster of Egham, to be sold to pay her debts and legacies with the overplus to Mary Foster. This appears to be the same estate with which William Strahan (q.v.) was associated as trustee, and possibly the same estate as Dr John Fothergill (q.v.) was also later connected.


Will of Frances Bladen of Barking proved 19/08/1747, PROB 11/756/201; PROB 11/870/417.

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Deborah Hurt left Mary Foster her 1/6th share in an unnamed estate on...

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Egham, Surrey, South-east England, England