Rev. Robert Walker 'the skating Minister'

1755 - 1808


Rev. Robert Walker of Cramond, later the subject of the celebrated painting of 'the skating Minister' attributed to Henry Raeburn. Remembered as an abolitionist, he was the beneficiary under the will of his brother, John Walker, merchant, of St Lucia (q.v.). The extent of John Walker's slave-ownership, if any, is not currently known.

Sources [accessed 18/07/2020]; Will of John Walker merchant of St Lucia [made 11/07/1780] proved 30/08/1782. John Walker was of London shortly to depart from thence to the island of St Lucia when he made his will. He left £100 to his uncle Rev. Mr. Robert Walker one of the Ministers of Edinburgh and his residuary estate to his brother Rev. Robert Walker of Cramond. He instructed his executor in St Lucia Fergus Paterson to realise his property there and remit the proceeds to his executors in England, Simon Fraser and Charles Ferguson. In a codicil of 12/07/1780 he added Alexander Mackenzie of St Kitts as executor. The attestation dated 28/08/1782 shows him as having died late of St Lucia '5th instant.'

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Celebrated portait attributed to Henry Raeburn although the National Galleries Scotland website concedes 'This small picture, showing a figure in action, is quite unlike other known portraits by... 

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John Walker made his brother Rev. Robert Walker of Cramond his residuary heir in his will made in 1780 and proved in...

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Cramond, Edinburgh, Midlothian (Edinburgh), Central Scotland, Scotland
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Of crammed when his brother John Walker of St Lucia made his will in 1780.