John Hart

???? - 4th Jun 1805


  1. John Hart is named in a legal dispute as the former owner of Hazard, Change Hill, and Small Field plantations and 'runs of land', some of which were part-owned by George Harrison, William Peatt Litt, and John Burke. His date of death is given in this appeal as 4th June 1805 and his executor is listed as John Crosman, later owner of Hazard, Change Hill, and Small Field.


1. National Archives PCAP 13/2/4: "Printed appeal to an Appeals Committee of the Privy Council from JAMAICA [colonial, Caribbean]. Appellant: John Timperon, merchant. Respondent: John Crosman, Francis John French and Jane French his wife, George Harrison Turner, John Hart Turner, William Radcliff and Elizabeth Radcliff his wife, Charlotte Smitt an infant, William Davis and Sarah Davis his wife".

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- 1805 [EY] → Owner
- 1805 [EY] → Owner
- 1805 [EY] → Owner

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