George Lowdell of Brighton

???? - 1805


English rentier, from a nonconformist medical family. George Lowdell of Brighhelmstone, surgeon, was among a group of individuals purchasing, for a total of £15,000, annuities from John Mills secured on the latter's estates and enslaved people on Nevis in 1774. He and his brother Stephen Lowdell (q.v.) each paid £550 for annuities of £50 p.a., in George Lowdell's case on the lives of his sons George (aged 28), Isaac (23) and Joseph Coventry Lowdell (21), in Stephen Lowdell's case on his own life (aged 56), that of Mary Lowdell spinster (52) and that of the Prince of Wales. The Chancery cases of Lowdell v Joy and Lowdell v Wrey under which the estate of John Mills on Nevis were put up for sale in 1843 presumably involved heirs of one or both these two men.

  1. Will of George Lowdell [late of Brighthelmstone on but now] of Great Bookham Surrey [made in 1801] proved 23/07/1805.


Common Records 1775-1776, British Library, EAP794/1/1/15, pp. 65-94; London Gazette 20198 21 February 1843 p. 603.

  1. PROB 11/1428/217.

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George; Joseph Coventry; Isaac

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Brighthelm-Stone, Sussex, South-east England, England
Great Bookham, Surrey, South-East England, England