Andrew Ross of Westmill Herts.

???? - 1793


Andrew Ross of Stoneberry in Hertfordshire was party to a deed of 13/01/1773 under which he lent George Webbe the younger of Nevis £5200 secured on plots of land and enslaved people that Webbe had previously bought from Rev. Duke Butler as trustee of John Butler. George Webbe 'the younger' of the 1773 deed is identifiable as George Webbe senior of Nevis (q.v., d. 1804) from the presence in their respective wills of Fanny Ross as Andrew Ross' wife and as George Webbe senior's sister.

  1. Will of Andrew Ross of [Knights Hill in the parish of] Westmill Hertfordshire proved 09/06/1793. He left his wife Fanny £100, his ready money not exceeding £50, his leasehold interest in his house at Knights Hill, and £1000 from the money owed to him by his wife's brother George Webbe secured on his estate on Nevis. He left monetary legacies of £100 each to his sisters Mary Reid and Catherine Ross, and to his wife's mother Mary Webbe. The residuary legates were his nephews Hugh Ross and David Ross.


Common Records 1773-1775, British Library, EAP794/1/1/14, pp. 12 et seq.

  1. PROB 11/1234/29.

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Knights Hill, Westmill, Hertfordshire, South east England, England