John Platt of Cornhill

???? - 1787


Linen-draper of Cornhill, City of London. He was one of the assignees in bankruptcy of Mills & Swanston in 1781. This role must have arisen from his business supplying linens for the West India market: Mills & Swanston were characterised as 'buying sundry large quantitys [sic] of linen drapery ironmongery and other goods and sending the same to the Leeward islands in exchange for the sugar and other consignments they received from the Leeward islands' in the papers tabled by their assignees at the time of bankruptcy. He left £30,000 in monetary legacies and real estate in Essex and Leicestershire.


Common Records 1783-1785, British Library, EAP794/1/1/19, p. 21; will of John Platt merchant of St Michael Cornhill proved 14/03/1787, PROB 11/1151/149.

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Assignee-in-bankruptcy → Bankrupt

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Cornhill, City of London, Middlesex, London, England