Frances Colleton (née Jennings)

???? - 1805


Widow and heir of James Edward Colleton (q.v), from whom she inherited property (including enslaved people) in both Britain and Barbados.

  1. Will of Frances Colleton widow of Haines Hill Wiltshire proved 05/04/1805. She left her estates in England and Barbados in trust (the former subject to raising £1000 for Thomas Garth) in entail male to Charles Garth and his heirs, with remainder to Thomas Garth. In a series of codicils she modified her original will, leaving her 15 shares in the Sun Fire Office to her sister for life (instead of outright), and first changing the entail on her real estate to direct it to her husband's 'own right heirs' and then revoking it and leaving her estates to Charles Garth outright.


  1. PROB 11/1423/148.

Further Information

Maiden Name
James Edward Colleton

Associated Estates (1)

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1790 [EA] - 1805 [LA] → Owner

Relationships (3)

Daughter → Father
Wife → Husband
Testator → Legatee

Addresses (1)

Haines Hill House, Berkshire, Central England, England