George Oswald

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Merchant of Glasgow, partner in William Robertson & Co., also known as The Smithfield Company, appearing among the claimants for property [probably commercial goods rather than enslaved people] in St Eustatius].

  1. In the will of George Oswald proved 26/06/1826 among other assets he left in trust his interest in a mortgage of 1788 over the estate on Grenada previously known as Le Grand Bras and Le Mitay but since as Montreuil and an undivided moiety of the 'negroes' attached to it between John Orr of Barrowfield the seller and John Baird of Glasgow the buyer, Oswald's interest consisting in (1) £400 principal, being the half owed to Robert Scott of Aikenhead and assigned in 1792 to Oswald by Robert Scott of two bonds, one for £500 between John Baird, John Orr and Matthew Orr of the City of Glasgow in favour of Robert Scott and William McDowall of Garthland (formerly the younger of Castle Semple) and the other for £300 from Baird, Orr and Orr to Scott and McDowall and (2) the outstanding amount from £700 under the mortgage assigned by John Orr and his trustee in sequestration Alexander Robertson writer in Glasgow, again assigned to Oswald in 1792, of which about one-third had previously been paid.


The National Archives, HCA 42/151, Claim 33. Claimant: Thomas Searle of Clement Lane, Lombard Street, London, gentleman, on behalf of Messrs George Oswald; James Dennistoun; James Ritchie; John Hamilton; George Bogle; George Buchanan; Thomas Donald; Alan Scott and William Robertson, all of Glasgow, British subjects, of the firm known as Messrs William Robertson and Company, also known as Smithfield Company. Affidavits, attestations, schedules of good[s], including the seal for New Providence and the Bahamas (1783-1790).

  1. PROB 11/1713/412.

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1792 [EA] - 1792 [LA] → Mortgage Holder

George Oswald was the assignee in 1792 for two sums under the mortgage of 1788 between John Orr as seller and John Baird as purchaser, according to the will of George Oswald.