Walter Hamilton

???? - 1722


Governor of the Leewards, marrying as her second husband Dame Frances Stapleton nee Russell (q.v.), dying c. 1722.

  1. Will of Walter Hamilton of the island of St Christopher [made in 1722] proved in London 22/02/1723. He left his estates in England to his wife Dame Frances Stapleton for life, and then to her sons Sir William Stapleton and James Russell Stapleton and their heirs, failing whom to Hon. James Tyrrell of Gloucestershire and Gavin Hamilton of Clidsdale [sic] Scotland. He similarly left all his 'Negroes, term and interest in the plantation I now hold in St Christopher's' to his wife for life and then to her sons. He left also personalty on Antigua and Nevis.


  1. PROB 11/589/394.

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Dame Frances Stapleton

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1712 [EA] - 1722 [EY] → Trust beneficiary

'In 1712 Colonel William McDowell held the Fountain estate in trust for General Walter Hamilton who was made governor of the Leeward Islands for a second time in 1715. Meanwhile he had married Dame Frances Stapleton, (the widow of Sir William Stapleton 3rd Baronet) who accompanied him to the Caribbean. The grant through McDowell was renewed in 1717 and 1721. Hamilton died in 1722. In 1726, a commission of three men was given authority to sell the French lands to the highest bidder in parcels of not more than 200 acre. That year, through her attorneys Dame Frances Stapleton attempted to secure the ownership of the estate she had inherited from her husband. She claimed she owned: Three hundred & thirty three acres (viz.) Two hundred & forty acres of Caneland, ninety three acres of provisions & pasture land; which plantation is com’only call’d the Fountain or Castle plantation: and signifys that she has thereon two Sugar Mills a Boiling house & Curinghouse, a Still-house, a Storehouse & a small Dwelling house: that she has besides about a hundred acres of plant-canes & provisions for about one hundred & fifty slaves for six months: that the said Cane-land may be worth Eight pounds Sterling per acre, & the provision & pasture land Six pounds Sterling per acre.

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Second Husband → Wife