David Allan

???? - 1784


Urban slave-owner in Jamaica, dying c. 1784. He was in Edinburgh when he made his will in 1783.

  1. Will of David Allan mason and bricklayer of St Catherine, Jamaica [made in 1783] proved 17/03/1785. He left £5000 to his wife Katherine Drummond, the daughter of the late James Drummond of Kelty, together with the furniture in the house at Edinburgh 'in which at present I reside.' After two legacies of £500 each to James Allan Taylor and David Wilson, both of Co. Berwick, he left 20 enslaved people to his reputed son David Allan bricklayer, to be chosen by him [the son] and to comprise 8 workmen and 12 labourers. His executors were Charles Balfour late of Jamaica now in Edinburgh; Charles Russel of Kingston; John Allan of Spanishtown; John Drummond of Kelty and John March writer in Edinburgh.


  1. PROB 11/1127/257.

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Katherine Drummond

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Deceased Husband → Widow

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Edinburgh, Midlothian, Central Scotland, Scotland
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In Edinburgh when he made his will in 1783.