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  1. Tentatively identified as Elizabeth Slaughter, "a free mulatto girl aged about 16 years" baptised in Kingston, 22/06/1772.

  2. Jeanet, daughter of Elizabeth Slaughter, "a free mullo. Woman" by William Smellie, aged about 16 mos. baptised 11/11/1777 in Kingston. Mazey, daughter of Elizabeth Slaughter, "a free mulatto woman" by William Smellie, born 15/12/1785 and baptised 03/11/1788 in Kingston. William, son of Elizabeth Slaughter "a mulatto woman" by William Smellie, born 07/01/1794 and baptised 17/05/1794 in Kingston.

  3. A notice signed by Elizabeth Slaughter appeared in the Royal Gazette in 1813: "Ranaway from the Subscriber, about eight months ago, a Creole Negro Woman named Benny, alias Benneba; she is well known in St Thomas in the East, where she has relations, and a husband at Garbrand-Hall, and is supposed to be harboured by them. She has been seen vending goods between Morant-Bay and Manchioneal, and makes use of an old letter, addressed to the Subscriber, to protect herself from being taken up; she was formerly the property of Miss Mein, of St Ann's, in which parish it is probable she may be. Whoever will lodge her in any Gaol or Workhouse, or deliver her to the Subscriber, shall receive a Reward of Eight Dollars, and a further Reward of Two Doubloons on proving to conviction by whom harboured; as the Law will be strictly enforced."

  4. John, "a creole boy, 4 feet 4 1/2 inches, no mark" was a runaway owned by "Miss Slaughter" held in St Andrew's Workhouse in May 1817. James, "a crole, 4 feet 2 1/2 inches, no mark" was a runaway also owned by "Miss Slaughter" in St Andrew's Workhouse in September 1818.

  5. Elizabeth Slaughter registered ownership of enslaved people in Kingston from 1817 to 1832 and was also the guardian of the children of Frances Wilson deceased from 1817. This may be the Frances Wilson, "free mulatto woman" aged 27 1/2 who was baptised in Kingston 03/05/1800. The children included Thomas, John and James Smellie [all q.v.].


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