Susanna Ann Gordon

???? - 1838

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident in Jamaica, shared one of her two awards with the absentee Anne Edgar (q.v.).

  1. Baptised in St James, Jamaica, 08/01/1771, daughter of Henry Gordon and his wife Rachel.

  2. Will of Susanna Ann otherwise Susannah Gordon spinster of St James, County of Cornwall proved 08/06/1838.


T71/873 St James no. 781

  1. batch no. I03814-1.

  2. PROB 11/1896/382.

Further Information

died unmarried

PROB 11/1896/382 - precis.

Susanna Ann Gordon or St James, Jamaica, spinster.

First, payment of just debts and funeral expenses.

The £200 I have in the three per cent funds I bequeath as follows:

£50 sterling to Henry Richards my godson and son of Mrs Elizabeth Lawrence Richards to be kept in the funds on interest until he is 18 years of age then given to him.

£50 sterling to Mary Sabina Love, granddaughter of Mrs Mary Ann Love deceased, with the interest as well to be paid to her when she is 18 years of age. In case of her death before that time the sum to go to Henry Richards.

£50 sterling each to Daniel Gaynor a sambo child and Thomas Edgar a mulatto child, the sons of Isabella Wharam my apprentice, with the interest, at age 20 years. In case of the death of them before that time, the £100 with interest to be divided between Jane Lauchlan Thompson, Hannah Thompson the daughters of Isabella Wharam my apprentice and any other children the said Isabella Wharam may have.

My mother Rachel Laurence Gordon in her will left St Andrews Hill to her three single daughters and myself being the surviving one, and as to the late Mrs C. Francklyn ordered a sum of money to be paid to my sister Mrs Ann Edgar to prevent any claims she might say she had to St Andrews Hill and which has been paid her by Mrs Francklyn's executors Messrs George and Charles Laurence, and I therefore give to Daniel Gaynor and Thomas Edgar 15 acres of land each of the said St Andrews Hill next to Wester Estate with the house on it.

To George Wallace 10 acres of St Andrews Hill and the same to James Edward Wharam, both my apprentices. I give it to George Wallace and James E. Wharam for their good conduct in taking my mother and myself to the bay when we were surrounded by the fires of the Rebel Negroes in January 1832.

The remaining 34 acres of St Andrews Hill I leave to the other apprentices to reside on for their lives, after their deaths the 34 acres to be added to the 30 already given to Daniel Gaynor and Thomas Edgar.

If I am to receive any compensation I give £150 of it to Mrs Lydia Watkins to purchase a house and the title to be in the name of her single daughter or daughters.

To the eldest daughter of Mrs Louisa Jackson my niece £100 currency out of the compensation money.

To each of the three Miss Watkins's £10. To Miss Anne Moris £20. To Miss Emelia Barry £10. To William Jones, Thomas Henderson, Charles Henry, John Gordon £5 each.

If there is any compensation left after the above legacies and my debts are paid the remainder to be divided among the 30 Negroes at St Andrews Hill or rather I should have said my 30 apprentices as they are deserving of it and have always behaved well to me in my friendless situation as none of my relations ever offered me their advice or came forward to see if the apprentices behaved well to me.

There is £173 due my mother's estate by Mrs Wallace and which Mrs Fergusson will not pay, £50 left to me by Mrs Wallace with orders I should receive it within 12 months. She died November 1831 and I have not received it from her heir Mrs Fergusson. Also there is some place which Mrs Fergusson has in possession which belongs to my mother's estate value £25.

The apprentices under my care at St Andrews Hill I leave free at my death if it happens before the time appointed for their freedom takes place. It is my order will if they do not live peaceable on the land, those that occasion disputes I desire my executors to turn them off it.

Thomas Watson and Charles O'Connor to be executors.

Signed by mark 16/04/1836.

Codicil [no date]. £10 to Amelia Barry.

Sworn in Jamaica 07/04/1838.

Proved in London 08/06/1838.

Associated Claims (2)

£631 1s 4d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£29 3s 1d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

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