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  1. George Pollard, the first manager of the London Joint Stock Bank. There was a controversy involving the bank, which had been formed in October 1836, and whether it could draw and accept bills and cheques. The case was regarded as important for the practices of joint stock banking and the limitations placed upon such transactions were not relieved until the Banking Act of 1844.

  2. Pollard retired in 1860 on a pension of £2,000 p.a.


  1. Accounts include The Legal Observer, or, Journal of Jurisprudence, vol. XVI, (May-October 1838) pp. 418-20; The Legal Guide, vol IV, (2 May - 31 October 1840), pp. 183-7; The Law Journal Reports for . . .1838 (1838), 262-65 as well as numerous newspaper articles. The judge in the case ruled against the bank and Pollard. For the history of the bank see William Howarth, Our Leading Banks, vol. 1 Joint Stock Banks (London) (London, Walter R. Skinner, 1894), ch. VII (pp. 39-43).

  2. Howarth, op. cit. p. 43.

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Banking, currency, and... 1845 
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A plan for a domestic currency rendered independent of the foreign exchanges and measured in standard... 1847 

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