Spencer Smith

1806 - 1882

Claimant or beneficiary


Heir of Thomas Smith of New Norfolk Street (q.v.), and son of Thomas Smith's niece Augusta Smith by her husband Charles Smith.

  1. Thomas Smith, the previous owner of Fonthill, 'apparently a Jamaican plantation owner' (although Fonthill is not identified there), left £180,000. He was married to Susan Mackworth Praed. His will, proved 30/12/1824, is silent on any property in Jamaica but in a codicil Thomas Smith left his estates in Jamaica in trust to partners in the Gosling banking firm, in the first case to raise a sum of £2800 currency for Mary Scott, 'a free black woman' residing at or near Hartshall near what Smith called his estate Hampstead, and £500 for John Hart, the 'mulatto' son of Mary Scott by 'my late friend' James Hart, then residing at Gloucester. The residuary legatee for the Jamaican property was to be one son of his niece Augusta Smith, to be selected by her. Thomas Smith's will identifies Spencer, Earl Compton as his great-nephew: Spencer Earl Compton was the son of Charles Compton and Maria Smith [d. 1843], daughter of Joshua Smith of Erle Stoke Park - Joshua Smith was Thomas' brother.  Sir John Smith-Burges 1st bart. (1734-1803) was also a brother of Thomas Smith, and is shown elsewhere as the son of John Smith a London merchant, as is Thomas Smith by Rubinstein.

  2. Jamaica Almanac of 1811 shows Thomas Smith as owner of Fonthill [or Font Hill] and Ha[m]pstead with 606 slaves; 1824 ditto with 263 and 332 respectively; 1825 ditto with 459 [sic] and 330; 1826 ditto 255 & 329; 1827 ditto 251 & 325; 1828 ditto 247 & 326; 1829 ditto 234 & 321; 1831 ditto 228 & 317; 1832 Spencer Smith 232 & 315; 1833 231 & 310; 1838 still Spencer Smith for both Fonthill and Hampstead.

  3. Spencer Smith is shown as 2nd son Charles Smith of Suttons, Essex arm., matriculating Balliol 1823 aged 17, d. May 1882, father of Spencer Compton Smith, Drummond Smith and Orlando Smith.

  4. Will of Spencer Smith of Brooklands County of Southampton who died 02/05/1882 proved 01/06/1882, personal effects £67,506 13s.


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  2. Jamaica Almanacs.

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  4. National Probate Calendar 1882.

Further Information

Wealth at death
£67,506 13S
Oxford (Balliol) [1823 ]

Associated Claims (3)

£6,099 6s 4d
£830 0s 5d
Unsuccessful claimant (Heir-at-law)
£4,473 9s 8d

Associated Estates (2)

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1831 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner
1831 [EA] - 1839 [LA] → Owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Country house
description →
Spencer Smith occupied Brooklands between at least c. 1843 and 1861 [he was shown as of Brooklands in his will proved in 1882]. The house had been built by Admiral Sir Thomas Williams. Additions of...

Relationships (1)

Legatee → Testator

Addresses (1)

Brooklands, Fareham, Hampshire, Wessex, England