Eldred Lewis Blight Pearse

1808 - 1878

Claimant or beneficiary


Of Bodmin, Cornwall, husband of Mary (the widow of James Craggs Parker), and party to the Chancery suit of Pearse v Brooke into which the compensation for three awards in Vere Jamaica were paid.

  1. 'Formerly of the parish of Bodmin, in the County of Cornwall, Attorney's clerk, since of the town of Coburg in Upper Canada North America, and late of said borough of Bodmin, out of business'.

  2. Burial of Eldred Lewis Blight Pearse, 'County Lunatic Asylum' aged 70 All Saints Wandsworth 19/01/1878.


T71/1185: Counterclaim of Edward [sic] Lewis Blight Pearse, Bodmin in County of Cornwall gentleman and Mary his wife late the widow of James Craggs Parker deceased, in right of said Mary Pearse and also the 4 infant children of late James Craggs Parker. Thomas John Parker's indenture dated 22/6/1796 was after his death to have raised £40,000 raised to be divided between 4 children, incl. Henry Pearse [sic, but more logically Henry Parker] and James Craggs Parker.

  1. West Briton March 11 1836 'Court of Relief of Insolvent Debtors', 31/03/1836.

  2. Ancestry.com, London, England, Deaths and Burials, 1813-1980 [database online]

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£4,321 19s 6d
Claimants in List E or Chancery cases
£7,554 4s 6d
Claimants in List E or Chancery cases
£3,989 3s 6d
Claimants in List E or Chancery cases

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Eldred Lewis Blight Pearse married the widow of James Craggs Parker...

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Bodmin, Cornwall, Devon & Cornwall, England