Catharine Constantia Coulthurst

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'Remainderman' with Elizabeth Sarah, Maria Ann and Mary Harriet Coulthurst (all of whom q.v.) to whom Conrade Coulthurst, the tenant-for-life, ceded the compensation for Bakers estate in Barbados. The latter three women at least were sisters, living at Sandiway Cheshire.

  1. Matthew Coulthurst registered a single enslaved person, Peggy Mercy aged 11, 'late the property of Catharine C. Coulthurst who is absent from the Island' in 1829, who had been devised to Catharine C. Coulthurst by Mary M[?] Coulthurst and then sold to Matthew Coulthurst.


T71/899 Barbados claim no. 4950 (Bakers).

  1., Slave Registers of former British Colonial Dependencies, 1812-1834 [database on-line]: 1829 - Barbados.

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£3,072 3s 0d

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