Louisa Ann Grant

16th Sep 1815 - 4th Apr 1892

Claimant or beneficiary


Daughter of Major Charles Grant (q.v.), who was the son of Charles Grant of Carron (q.v.) and grandson of James Grant of Carron, married John Lister in 1844. Niece of George Colquhoun Grant (q.v.).

  1. Grant versus Grant divorce case 1828. The Major possessed an undivided moiety of the Adelphi estate in the Island of St Vincent; the average rent [sic] accruing to him from that moiety was £3,500 per annum. Major Grant stated that the clear rent was only £2500 'but he denied that for the last seven years it had yielded him any produce to which he was entitled, inasmuch as the estate was burdened with debts contracted by his father, to the amount of £100,000'.  His only income was as unattached half-pay Major. In summing up Dr Lushington said that Major Grant had admitted to remitting £600 per annum to his wife. Allowance to wife set at £4 per week until alimony decided.

  2. Louisa Ann Grant was born 16/09/1815 and married John Lister in Kensington, London, 11/04/1844. Dr John Lister (1802-1867), Louisa Ann Grant's husband, inherited Shibden Hall from Anne Lister in 1840 (who in turn had inherited it from her uncle James in 1826). No evidence found to date for suggestion that John Lister was a cotton broker in Liverpool (census occupation listed as physician (not practising) in 1851 and Lieut of the College Physicians in 1861). Anne Lister had bequeathed the house to Ann Walker as tenant for life in 1840. Dr Lister and his family only took possession following the death of Ann Walker in 1855.

  3. Living at Brading, Isle of Wight, age 33, born West Indies, in 1851 census with her husband, two sons plus servants. At 6 Porchester Ter., Paddington, London, in 1861, age 42, with her husband, 58, eldest son John, 14, daughter Ann, 9, mother-in-law Ann, 80, sister-in-law Mary Ann, 46 plus servants. At Shibden Hall, Southowram, Yorkshire, in the censuses of 1871, 1881 (birthplace given as Dominica) and 1891 (birthplace given as St Vincent). John Lister died at Aberystwyth 06/08/1867, effects under £14,000. Louisa Ann Lister died 04/04/1892, probate in London 21/07/1892 to John Lister Esquire, resworn December 1892, £5300 1s 11d.


T71/892 St Vincent claim no. 456A & B.

For a genealogy of the Grants of Carron and St Vincent see Vere Langford Oliver, The History of the island of Antigua ... from the first settlement in 1635 to the present time (3 vols., London, Mitchell and Hughes, 1894-99) Vol. 3 p. 426.

  1. Times 21/02/1828 p. 3.

  2. Short biography of Lister and Grant in pdfs of Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire (1894) available at http://fmg.ac/FMG/Scanned_Sources/TGB/Vol.11%20PDFs/Dug_YKS_b.pdf [accessed 27/09/2011].

  3. 1851 census online; 1861 census online; 1871 census online; 1881 census online; 1891 census online; National Probate Calendar 1867 and 1892.

Further Information

John Lister
John (1847-1933), Charles (1848-1889), Anne (1852-1929)

Probate in London 21/07/1892 to John Lister Esquire, resworn December 1892, £5300 1s 11d (National Probate Calendar).


Wealth at death
£5,300 1S 11D

Associated Claims (1)

£12,765 13s 8d

Relationships (2)

Niece → Uncle
Daughter → Father

Addresses (3)

Brading, Isle of Wight, Hampshire, Wessex, England
6 Porchester Terrace, Paddington, London, Middlesex, London, England
Shibden Hall, Southowram, Halifax, Yorkshire, Yorkshire, England