Horatio Nelson Huggins

???? - 1861

Claimant or beneficiary


Resident planter in Trinidad. Although the awardee for the Bronte estate in Trinidad was identified as 'Horatio R. Huggins' in the Parliamentary Return, this was almost certainly a mistranscription for Horatio N. Huggins.

  1. In 1841, Horatio N. Huggins said that he had been in Trinidad for 21 years, and that he was a planter and sole owner of the Bronte estate and owned one half of Union Hall and Nassau estates in the Naparima district. He had begun to sell off the Nassau estate in lots of 50 x 100 feet and 70 x 100 feet, at prices equivalent to above $1000 (£208 6s 8d) per acre.

  2. In 1861 Henrietta L. Huggins wife aged 42 'barrister's wife' born St Vincent was living at 6 Well Street Bedford with 5 children (2 born St Vincent including Horatio N. F. Huggins aged 13, 2 born Trinidad and the youngest aged 6 months born in Bedford). This was the family of Horatio James Huggins, the son of Horatio Nelson Huggins of Trinidad and Chief Justice of Sierra Leone 1876-1880 who was bankrupt late in life.

  3. Administration of the will of Horatio Nelson Huggins late of San Fernando Trinidad who died at San Fernando 31/05/1861 granted 03/11/1882 to his grandson and one of residuary legatees Michael Alfred Colin Huggins, effects under £100.


  1. William Hardin Burnley Observations on the present condition of the Island of Trinidad (1843) p. 102.

  2. 1861 census online; Ancestry.com, Cambridge University Alumni, 1261-1900 [database online].

  3. National Probate Calendar 1882.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Horatio R. Huggins
Married but no further details
Horatio James
Wealth at death

Associated Claims (2)

£2,143 3s 2d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)
£127 17s 5d

Associated Estates (5)

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1841 [EA] - 1841 [LA] → Owner
1822 [EA] - 1822 [LA] → Owner
1825 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1841 [EA] - 1841 [LA] → Joint owner

William Hardin Burnley Observations on the present condition of the island of Trinidad (1843) p. 102

1841 [EA] - 1841 [LA] → Joint owner

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Business associates
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Co-owners of Bronte estate 1825-1834 and presumably brothers...
Son → Father