Antonio Gomez

???? - 1843

Claimant or beneficiary


  1. Awarded compensation for enslaved people in Port of Spain, Trinidad, as executor of Sir Ralph James Woodford Bart. Father of Philip Gomez (q.v.).

  2. Born in Laguna, Canary Islands, 1774. Died in Philadelphia, USA, 1843 (en route to England). A medical doctor in Venezuela before moving to Trinidad, where he was a plantation owner and a judge (Minister of the Supreme Tribunal of Justice in Trinidad and Tobago).

  3. An Antonio Gomez, age 25, merchant, arrived in New York in 1835 aboard the schooner Thorne, en route to Grenada. He may be a relation of this Antonio Gomez who would have been 61 years old in 1835.

  4. The Portrait of Antonio Gomez (lithograph print made by Francis William Wilkin, c. 1830-42), is from the British Museum Prints and Drawings. Thanks to Bill Bigge for drawing attention to this.


  1. PROB 11/1985/269.

  2. Email from Luanne Gomez Haan 08/06/2018 including a reference to his death notice in The North American 22/06/1843.

  3., New York, Passenger and Immigration Lists, 1820-1850 [database online, transcription only].

We are grateful to Luanne Gomez Hann and John Clarke for their assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

(1) Maria del Carmen Elverez de Gomez (2) Amelia Gumbs Catherine Gomez
With (1) Philip, Soledas. With (2) Raphael

PROB 11/1985/269.

The last Will & Testament of A. Gomez one of her Majesty’s Judges. I leave three children two from my worthy late Wife Maria del Carmen Elverez de Gomez viz. Philip Gomez & Soledas Roger de Gomez the third Child is from my second Wife Amelia Gumbs Catherine Gomez. A Liquidation & Partition of the first Marital Society was executed & registered by the agreement of all parties interested none being a Minor on or abt. the 11 July 1840. Since my second marriage we have acquired some personal property which I estimate to be abt. two thousand five hundred dollars or more over & above our current exposures as a saving of my Salary $7200 viz. in a new carriage & 2nd horse & other articles of furniture & wearing apparel together with the sum of eight hundred pounds remitted hoale for a Investment in the 3 per cent consolidated annuities during the three years of our marriage my Sons Name is Raphael Chichester Gomez To him I leave a Mejora one third of my property over and above his legitimate share this distinction emanates from my anxious wish for his education my other two children having already completed their’s at the time of my second marriage in Grenada & under the British Law I made the Gift to my Wife of two thousand pounds at sterling but having had the said so ameliorated a child it is fair that the said settlement may be delayed under the limitation of the law of Trinidad allowing the property I was possessed of at the time & I leave therefore the fifth of my property to my esteemed Wife as a token of regard and affection subject to the following legacies to the 4 children of my Son Philip Luis Atensis ??? Carmelise? & Elvira one hundred dollars each to the seven children of my dearest daughter Soledad Antonia Auguste Petria Graseliano? Polisra? & Eugene Royet one hundred dollars each to Mad. Petra de la Sota my excellent & kind daughter in law two hundred dollars to my two nieces Lorouza & Dolores Rodriguez four hundred dollars each with reversion to my children share & share at their death to Pauthita & Isabel Herroza fifty dollars each. I declare that I do not owe money to any body & that my property consists of abt. five thousand pounds sterling in the 3 per cent consols & a Mortgage of one thousand pounds Stg payable my Mr Samuel Simmons in one & two years with Interest secured by a Mortgage on my hate house in Clarcure? Street I sold to him on the 4 Instant. I prossess also a valuable lot & a half of land in Rent Street. I appoint my beloved Wife as the Guardian & ??? of my Child Rafael & Executor of this will with Louis de la Pescouse Esquire & my son Philip Gomez. Dated this day the 16 of May 1843.... Sworn at Port of Spain 15/08/1843.


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£565 12s 10d

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