George Wildes

1801 - 11th Jul 1861

Claimant or beneficiary


Partner with John Pickersgill and others in George Wildes (q.v.) and Wildes Pickersgill, merchants of London, Liverpool and New York.

  1. Despite the crisis faced by the firm in the 1830s, Wildes left a fortune. Will of George Wildes late of city of Manchester and of Elms Bank Cheetham [Lancashire] merchant and commission agent proved 02/08/1861 by Agnes Woods Wildes widow, effects under £140,000. Agnes Woods Wildes herself left £29701 3s 11d (resworn July 1894 at £28824 5s 2d) when she died of 25 Lowndes Square 03/01/1894.

  2. 'Merchant and commission agent in Manchester'. Born c. 1801 in the US. In 1824 appears as George Wildes & Co., American merchant of 38 Cannon Street Manchester; later a partner in A & S Henry & Co., of Elm Bank Cheetham, and then with Wildes, Pickersgill & Co. Probate calendar gives him as 'Manchester and Elm Bank, Cheetham, Manchester.' Married Agnes née Woods (b. C. 1799 Lancashire), at least two daughters. 'He was closely connected with the wealthy Fielden family of cotton manufacturers.' Described as 'British subject' in 1851 census.

  3. Agnes Georgiana, the daughter of George Wildes (merchant) and Agnes Woods Wildes of Chester Terrace, was baptised at Old St Pancras church 13/04/1841 (born 24/03/1841). The register includes also an entry for another daughter, Elizabeth Ann, born 16/05/1839 New York, scored through with the note 'this child was not baptised in St Pancras Church.'

  4. George Wildes of 19 Coleman Street had one vote as a proprietor of the British American Land Company in 1835 so had purchased bwteeen 5 and 14 shares at £50 each. John Pickersgill was a heavy investor in the same company.


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Further Information

Agnes Woods
Elizabeth Ann; Agnes Georgiana
Wealth at death
Merchant and commission agent

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£1,251 11s 0d
Awardee (Mortgagee)
£839 7s 7d
£1,514 10s 4d
Awardee (Mortgagee)

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Commercial (2)

Senior partner
George Wildes & Co.
North American merchant  
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Chester Terrace, London, Middlesex, London, England