Charles Henry Okey

1797 - 1882

Claimant or beneficiary


'Of the Temple, Barrister-at-law (then [1831] residing in the City of Paris)'. Son of Henry and Marisca Okey, husband of Eliza Dunbar Tod, and co-awardee with co-owner William Dunbar (q.v.) of the compensation for the enslaved on Dunbar's Estate, Dickensons Bay in Antigua. Dunbar's belonged in 1770s to Dr John Dunbar, member of assembly who married in 1773 a daughter of Samuel H. Warner.

  1. Charles Henry Okey was baptised 16/05/1797 at St John Hackney. Charles Henry Okey of the Inner Temple, Barrister at law married at St George's Bloomsbury Aug 30 1825 Eliza Dunbar Tod, only child of late Capt William Tod of 92nd Regiment (Okey's  slave-ownership and entitlement to compensation presumably flowed from his wife: Eliza Dunbar, wife of Capt Tod late of the 40th [sic] Regiment, died 22/01/1804 aged 24 years and was buried at St Cuthbert's in Edinburgh).  Okey was appointed member of Legislative Council of Antigua Jan 20 1862; a Charles H Okey reportedly died in Anguilla 23/10/1882.

  2. Charles Henry Okey was the author of  A concise digest of the law, usage and custom affecting the commercial and civil intercourse of the subjects of GB and France (Paris, Galiglani, 1842).


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Further Information

Eliza Dunbar Tod
Adeline (1827-)
Legal Education
Inner Temple

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£861 18s 7d
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Inner Temple, City of London, Middlesex, London, England