John Montefiore

???? - 26th Jun 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


Probably but not certainly the merchant John Montefiore who signed for multiple awards at the National Debt Office in London as attorney for Barbados awardees. If so, then b. c. 1796, in England 1841 at Kennington and died in Barbados 1854: his son John Montefiore (1820-1895) of Streatham was also a West India merchant.

  1. A John Montefiore "mulatto" appears as signatory of a series of letters, addresses and petitions in 1811, 1817 and 1823 by members of the freedmen community in Barbados. This can only be the same man as the merchant in London in the 1830s and early 1840s if the age (45) in the 1841 census for John Montefiore is incorrect.

  2. John Montefiore, fm, married Mary Elizabeth Law, fm, 18/04/1818 in St Michael, Barbados. Ann, daughter of John and Mary Elizabeth Montefiore, was baptised in St Michael in 1819.

  3. John Montefiore owned seven enslaved people in St Michael, Barbados, in 1829. Given in the slave register as "fm" ("free mulatto"). His registration was made by an attorney.

  4. In 1841 John Montefiore, born out of county, was living at Vassall Place, Lambeth, merchant, age 45, with Eliezer Montefiore, age 19 and Ann Montefiore, age 21, both born out of county, and two female servants.

  5. The will of John Montefiore late of the island of Barbados, merchant, who died 26 June 1854 at Barbados was proved in London by John Montefiore of 10 Christchurch Road, Streatham, gentleman, and Rev Thomas Law Montefiore in Charmouth, Dorset, clerk, two of the sons and surviving executors. Effects under £800 in England.

  6. Mary E. Montefiore, widow, age 62, "Income doughable[?] from bequest in the West Indies", born Barbados, was living at 3 Anns Place, Streatham, in 1861, with daughters Ann age 42, Elizabeth age 34 (both fundholders), son John age 41, West India Merchant, and two female servants. Ann, Elizabeth and John were all born in Barbados, British Subjects.

  7. The will of Mary Elizabeth Montefiore, formerly of 4 Bedford Terrace, Streatham, but late of 2 Kebles Villas, Angles Road, Streatham, who died 7 March 1877 was proved by her son John Montefiore of 10 Christchurch Road, Streatham Hill, gentleman, the sole executor. Effects under £450. Resworn 1877, effects under £300.


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Further Information

Mary Elizabeth Law
Ann, John, Eliezer, Elizabeth
West India merchant

Associated Claims (2)

£15 11s 7d
£514 12s 3d
Unsuccessful claimant (Trustee)

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Father → Daughter

Addresses (1)

Vassall Place, Lambeth, Surrey, London, England