John Cameron

10th Oct 1782 - 5th Nov 1862

Claimant or beneficiary


John Cameron, planter of Berbice (1782-1862), second son of Ewen Cameron of Glenevis, a Lieutenant in the 78th Highlanders and his wife Helen who was the daughter of Patrick Grant of Glenmoriston. Partner of Donald Charles Cameron (q.v.).

  1. Born or baptised 10/10/1778 in Kilmallie, Argyll, Scotland, to Ewen Cameron Esq. of Glenevis and his wife Helen Grant. Numerous online genealogies give his full name as John MacSorlie Cameron, son of Ewen Cameron and Helen Grant, who married Elizabeth Sharpe, a "free quadroon", in Berbice in 1808. According to the same sources, Elizabeth Sharpe died in Glen Nevis, 1851, at the age of 64. John Cameron died in Pimlico 05/11/1862 at the age of 80; he is buried in Brompton Cemetery.

  2. After persuading his relation Donald Charles Cameron to give up his army commission, the two became partners in J. and D.C. Cameron and managed several estates there.

  3. John Cameron inherited estates in Argyll, Scotland, following the death of his older brother Patrick. In 1851 he sold these estates to his cousin Sir Duncan Cameron of Fassiefern and moved to the island of Jersey. He can be found in the 1851 census at 8 St Mark's Terrace, Jersey, a widower, age 68, "Fund Holder", born Scotland, with his daughters Helen age 33 and Isabella age 25, both born in British Guiana, grandson John P. Cameron, age 6, born British Guiana, 2 female servants and 1 visitor (John Osmond, age 13, "Barber's Apprentice").

  4. Elizabeth Sharpe, a "free coloured woman" registered 7 enslaved people in Berbice in 1817.

  5. David Alston shows all five of John Cameron's sons moving to Australia in 1853/4.

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Parliamentary Papers T71/885 British Guiana claim nos. 92, 187, 291, 292 and 422.

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Further Information

Elizabeth Sharpe
Helen (1809-1884), Alexander (1812-1881), Evan (1817-1872), John (1821-1904), Charles Matheson (1825-1907), Isabella (1826-1865), Donald Charles (1828-1914)

Associated Claims (5)

£2,583 11s 9d
£106 8s 0d
£63 0s 1d
£17,183 1s 2d
£10,201 3s 10d

Associated Estates (5)

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1825 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner

Legacies Summary

Physical (1)

Glenevis or Glen Nevis 
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Farm and mansion house inherited by John Cameron and 'improved' by him between 1839 and...

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Addresses (2)

Kilmallie, Corpach, Argyll, Argyll and Bute, Scotland
8 St Mark's Terrace, Jersey, Channel Islands