Johannes Nicolaas Lentz

23rd Jan 1799 - 17th Oct 1869

Claimant or beneficiary


Appears in the Parliamentary Papers as J. R. Lentz, J. N. Lantz and J. N. Lentz but probably Johannes Nicolaas Lentz.

  1. Born in Amsterdam, 23/01/1799, died in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands, 17/10/1869. Husband of Johanna or Julia Petronella Adriana Brandes. Sometime manager of Rotterdam estate in Berbice.


  1. Email from Paul Koulen, 28/10/2021. Lentz is listed as manager of Rotterdam in Trevor Burnard, Hearing Slaves Speak (2010) with references to punishments meted out on the estate, and in J. H. Lean, 'The Secret Lives of Slaves: Berbice, 1819 to 1827' (PhD thesis, University of Canterbury, 2002) pp. 178-180 with reference to the punishment of an enslaved woman on Rotterdam called Carolina.

We are grateful to Paul Koulen for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
J.R. Lentz

Associated Claims (3)

£1,136 6s 6d
£904 4s 10d
£517 5s 6d

Addresses (2)

Amsterdam, Netherlands
Schoonhoven, Netherlands