Robert Robertson

???? - 1839

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded part of the compensation for the Alness estate in Berbice, which had belonged to his uncle George Munro (q.v.). In the will (proved 14/05/1826), Robert Robertson's parents, Esther Munro and her husband John Robertson, were described as 'late of Inverness.' Robert Robertson was active as an attorney (for Eliza and William Munro) in Berbice in the 1830s and was probably the man shown as dying there in or about October 1839.


PROB 11/1712/229; London Gazette 19362 04/03/1836 p. 436; and London Gazette 20461 11/04/1845 p. 1128.

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Associated Claims (2)

£335 13s 8d
£19,212 18s 8d

Relationships (1)

Nephew → Uncle
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Robert Robertson was the son of George Munro's sister Esther Munro and John Robertson 'late of Inverness', and a co-heir under George Munro's will....