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Alexander Jopp identified as Advocate in Aberdeen in an announcement concerning the estate of deceased Andrew Jopp, Advocate, of which Alexander was trustee and executor and, with Henry Lumsden of Tilwhilly and Alexander Stronach, as trustees of the creditors of John Morison (q.v.) of Auchintoul.  An announcement in 1844 concerning the Banff and London Shipping Company characterised the three as 'being the surviving trustees appointed by the late John Morison of Auchintoul'.


London Gazette, Issue 19086, 20/09/1833, p. 1724; London Gazette, Issue 20099, 13/05/1842, p. 1311; London Gazette, Issue 20420, 03/12/1844, p. 5057.

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£2,921 6s 0d
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Railway Investment
Buckinhamshire (Tring to Banbury) [184656]  
Railway Investment
Aberdeen [184502]  
Railway Investment
Railway Investment
Buckinghamshire (Oxford and Bletchlet Junction) [184655]  

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Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland