Richard Dennistoun d. 1833

???? - 1833

Claimant or beneficiary


There were at least two possible Richard Dennistouns, the more likely one (d. 1833) the brother of Robert Dennistoun (d. 1815, q.v.), and the other one (1806-1848) the son of Robert and Anne Penelope Dennistoun. The data here is for Richard Dennistoun (d. 1833).

  1. Richard Dennistoun partner in Campbell Rivers of Glasgow, Colin and John Campbell of Liverpool and Dennistouns, Scheviz of Kingston Jamaica in the early 1820s, who was presumably also the Richard Dennistoun of Glasgow who compounded with his creditors in 1829. The son of Robert and Anne Penelope Campbell would have been too young to have been either the first or probably the second of these two men.

  2. According to Anthony Cooke, Richard Dennistoun (d. 1833) Glasgow merchant of Kelvingrove was the son of James Dennistoun Senior of Colgrain and husband of Christian Calder Alston. 'Shares in Dennistoun Buchanan and Co., G[lasgow] W[est] I[ndia] M[erchant] and cotton spinners at Stanley, Perthshire, Sugar House Company, Port Glasgow, Dalnottar Iron Co., John Hay and Co., soap and candle manufacturers. E[state] £1468, owed by Messrs McQueen, McKay & Co. of Glasgow £500, disputed claim of Findlay Bannatyne and Co. £50.

  3. Richard Dennistoun of the Colgrain family bought Kelvingrove in 1806: it was conveyed by his sons to Colin M'Naughtan in 1841.


  1. Edinburgh Gazette, Issue 3004, 12/04/1822, p. 70 for Campbell Rivers etc.; Edinburgh Gazette, Issue 3719, 23/01/1829, p. 20.

  2. Anthony Cooke, 'An elite revisited: Glasgow West India merchants, 1783-1877', Journal of Scottish Historical Studies 32.2 2012 pp. 127-165, at p. 157; SC 36/48/24/9 16/12/1833. Cooke also shows James Dennistoun Senior of Colgrain - erroneously - as the father of James Dennistoun (1758-1835) and - correctly - as the father of Robert Dennistoun (d. 1815, q.v.).

  3. John Guthrie Smith and John Oswald Mitchell The old Country Houses of the Old Glasgow Gentry LXI. Kelvingrove House.

Further Information

Name in compensation records
Richard Dennistown

Associated Claims (1)

£2,559 17s 1d

Legacies Summary

Commercial (1)

Campbell, Rivers & Co.
West India merchant  

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Uncle → Nephew

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Kelvingrove House, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland