William Hichens

1784 - 1849

Claimant or beneficiary


Awarded with others (including Robert Hichens, q.v.) part of the compensation for the enslaved people on Stephen Blizard's in Antigua, apparently as trustees of the Stapleton family.

  1. Almost certainly the London stockbroker William Hichens of Threadneedle Street, in partnership with his brother Robert and Frederic Harrison. Originally from St Ives, Cornwall, where the family had long been present. He was the son of William Hichens and Margaret Jope of Callington, born 1784. A cousin, John Knill, had been Inspector of Customs in Jamaica. William Hichens joined his brother Robert as a partner in his London stockbrokers around 1810. In 1817 they joined with Frederic Harrison to form the firm Hichens and Harrison. William Hichens invested heavily in railways, being listed in 1837 as 15,000 shares in the London to Brighton Railway and a further 1,000 in the London and Blackwall Railway and Steam Navigation Depot Company. He married Maria Lloyd with who he had at least 3 sons and 3 daughters. The family lived at 12 Park Place, Camberwell. Two of his sons joined the family firm, respectively becoming Chairman of the Stock Exchange and trustee, whilst another entered the East India Company. Death of William Hichens registered Q4 1849 Camberwell. Will of William Hichens, Stockbroker of Threadneedle Street, proved 09/02/1850.


T71/877 Antigua no. 363.

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Name in compensation records
Wm Hichens
Maria Lloyd
Andrew, Jack, Robert
A will but no further details

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£2,919 14s 8d

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Sackville Street, London, Middlesex, London, England