Elizabeth Sarah Coulthurst

1813 - 16th May 1878

Claimant or beneficiary


'Remainderman' with Catharine Constantia, Maria Ann and Mary Harriet Coulthurst (all of whom q.v.) to whom Conrade Coulthurst (q.v.), the tenant-for-life, ceded the compensation for Bakers estate in Barbados. Elizabeth Sarah, Maria Ann and Mary Harriet at least were sisters, living at Sandiway Cheshire.

  1. Maria A. Coulthurst head (45), Mary H. Coulthurst sister (36) and Elizabeth S. Coulthurst sister (38), each 'Gentlewoman Annuitant', were living at Sandiway in 1851, all born Weaverham Chehsire.

  2. Elizabeth Sarah Coulthurst died Llandudno 16/05/1878, personal estate £14,000 resworn June 1879 £16,000 (Mary Harriet Coulthurst of Sandiway was her executrix); Maria Ann died Q1 1873 will proved 16/04/1873 effects under £7,000 (proved by Elizabeth Sarah and Mary Harriet Coulthurst); Mary Harriet died 10/07/1898 will proved 14/09/1898 effects £35,457 14s resworn January 1899 £17,083 14s.


T71/899 Barbados claim no. 4950 (Bakers).

  1. 1851 census online.

  2. National Probate Calendar 1878, 1873, 1898.

Further Information


Resworn June 1879 from £14000 at probate (23/7/1878).

Wealth at death

Associated Claims (1)

£3,072 3s 0d

Associated Estates (1)

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1833 [EA] - → Joint owner

Addresses (1)

Sandiway, Northwich, Cheshire, North-west England, England