Dirk Wouter Rookmaker

1802 - 1854

Claimant or beneficiary


One of a group of Dutch co-awardees for enslaved people on Rotterdam and Gelderland estates in British Guiana.

  1. Born 1802, died 1854. Married to Maria Paulina Schumacher (1811-1833) and awarded slave compensation as her widower.


  1. Email from Paul Koulen 22/10/2021; https://www.wiewaswie.nl/nl/detail/56805189 [accessed 09/11/2021].

We are grateful to Paul Koulen for his assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

Maira Paulina Schumacher

Associated Claims (2)

£7,830 4s 5d
£9,509 17s 11d

Relationships (2)

Other relatives
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Van der Pauw married the brother of Rookmaker's...
Other relatives
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Van der Laan was Rookmaker's aunt by...