James Douglas

???? - 13th Jul 1852

Claimant or beneficiary


Brother of John, Thomas Dunlop and Archibald Douglas (all of whom q.v.).

  1. Little is known of his life. In 1828 in his sister Cecilia's will he was in Demerara; in 1836 and 1840 he was called a 'merchant in Glasgow' in his brother John Douglas's will.

  2. John Douglas died 13/07/1852 at 232 [sic - 234] St Vincent Street, Glasgow. At the time of his death he was 'an old and efficient member' of the board of directors of the Forth and Clyde Navigation Company.

  3. He bequeathed an annuity of £200 pa to his natural daughter Cecila Douglas 'now residing at Port Glasgow' as well as ensuring the £800 left by her mother was returned to Cecilia. His residuary legatee was his great-nephew Neil Douglas, son of Major John Douglas of the 79th Regiment of Foot. Major John Douglas (son of Archibald Douglas) of the 79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, who was promoted on the eve of the Charge of the Light Brigade and later knighted.

  4. Cecilia Douglas, born in the West Indies, age 35, fundholder, was living with a family in Millport, Cumbrae, in 1851; in 1861 she was head of the household (with 8 rooms) on Shore Street, Port Glasgow, age 45, born in the West Indies, annuitant, with a female servant; in 1871 she was living in her own household of 6 rooms with a female servant at 43 Carnarvon Street, Glasgow. She may be the Cecilia Douglas, age 25, of independent means, born Scotland [sic], living at a boarding house in King Street, Port Glasgow, in 1841, although in this record there are three Scottish-born Douglas children Catherine (age 11), Colin (age 10) and Sholto (age 9) in the same household. There is no record of her death in Scotland.


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Further Information

[natural daughter] Cecilia Douglas

SC36/51/31 - precis.

James Douglas, 234 St Vincent Street Glasgow.

All my estate to trustees - my nephew Major John Douglas of the 79 Regiment of Foot, Andrew Yurth[?] Esquire of Darleith and John Smith of 85 St Vincent Street.

First, payment of just and lawful debts and deathbed and funeral expenses.

Second, to my natural daughter Ceclia Douglas now residing at Port Glasgow £200 pa. Thereafter to my nephew John Douglas £1,000.

To Jane Hamilton, Cecilia and Georgina Douglas £500 each. To Major John Douglas £2,000. To George Robertson Douglas £2,000. To Susan Douglas £500. To Hamilton £500. John Douglas Glenfinart £1,000. Mrs Anna G. Douglas £500. Ellen Douglas £500. Mrs Cecilia Miller £500. Renion[?] £500 should she marry Drew Shorsby exclude her from the legacy and to be given to her sister Mrs Miller, allowing her bank interest during her life.

To the Eye Infirmary £200. To the House of Refuge £200. To the Royal Infirmary £200. To the Oldmans Society £200. To St Mathews Clothing Society £100. To St Matthews School £100 and to each of my executors £100 each.

All residue to Neil Douglas, only son of Major John Douglas, all to be disposed of and placed in the funds till such time he comes of age. My coenes[?] I bequeath to Thomas and Archibald, my silver plate and dirks to Major John Douglas and to be guardian for his son as residuary legatee.

Should Neil Douglas die before coming of age the fund to be equally divided among my four nephews John (Shalwell), John (Glenfinert) Major John Douglas, George Robertson Douglas or the survivors of them.

To Ann Gordon, servant with me, £150 for her kindness to me when unwell. To Jane Wemyss Cook £50 if in my service at the time of my death. To Ann McKery[?] Housemaid £40 if in my service at the time of my death.

Signed 24/03/1851.

Codicil dated 25/03/1851. To my brother Sir Niel Douglas £500 and £500 making £1,000. My sister Mrs Douglas has a cabinet of corns[?] which belonged to my late brother Colin in my charge which mind he bequeathed to her. I have in my hands £800 belonging to my daughter Ceclia which her mother lodged with me for her use and which mind be paid for Cecilia Douglas. My sisters-in-law Louisa and Catherine McNeil each £50. To General MacNeil and brother-in-law £500 signed 02/04/1851.

Associated Claims (2)

£12,407 13s 2d
£25,373 15s 4d
Awardee (Owner-in-fee)

Associated Estates (4)

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1832 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Joint owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Joint owner
1834 [EA] - 1834 [LA] → Owner
1826 [EA] - 1826 [LA] → Not known

'In possession of' James Douglas, it is not yet known in what capacity.

Legacies Summary

Commercial (12)

Railway Investment
Glasgow, Strathaven and Lesmabagow Direct [1846192]  
Firm Investment
John, Thomas and Archibald Douglas & Co.
West India merchant - British Guiana  
notes →
Clearly associated with his brothers in J., T. & A. Douglas but no evidencde to date that he was a partner in the...
Railway Investment
Glasgow Harbour Mineral [1846180]  
Railway Investment
Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness (Knowton Branch) [1846541]  
Railway Investment
Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness (Improvement and Branches) [1846540]  
Railway Investment
Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness (Bathgate Branch) [1846538]  
Railway Investment
Wilsontown, Morningside and Coltness (Caledonian Railway Junction) [1846539]  
Railway Investment
Railway Investment
Eastern Counties (Lincoln and Milford) [1846129]  
Railway Investment
Lanarkshire and Lothians [1846251]  
Railway Investment
Glasgow, Airdrie and Monkland Junction [1846174]  

Relationships (5)

Brother → Sister
Business partners

Addresses (1)

234 St Vincent Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland