James Nasmyth

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London merchant, awarded part of the compensation for the Water Valley estate in St Mary Jamaica, probably in his role as executor of Robert Nasmyth [will proven in 1817], to whom he was presumably related although the blood relationship has not yet been established. The firm of Ryder & Nasmyth was bankrupt by 1821.

  1. Ryder et al against Hare et al. Petition and appeal of Mrs Isabella Maxwell Nasmyth, otherwise Ryder, spouse of Thomas Ryder merchant in London and daughter procreate of the marriage between Thomas Nasmyth, sometime of the island of Jamaica now deceased and Mrs Mary Sarah Nasmyth now of London his widow; and the said Thomas Ryder for himself; Mary Labina [sic] Nasmyth, Judith Bowen Nasmyth and Thomasine Nasmyth, all children of the said marriage; Mary Sarah Nasmyth acting guardian of the daughters, minors but above the age of pupillarity; James Nasmyth Esq., merchant in London executor nominated by the now deceased Robert Nasmyth, son of the said Thomas Nasmyth and Mrs Mary Sarah Nasmyth and others versus Dr James Hare and others.


T71/856 St Mary 144A-D. London Gazette 17695 07/04/1821 p. 797.

  1. Journals of the House of Lords Vol. 52 59 Geo III 8 Martii p. 105.

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Jas. Nasmyth

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£4,273 6s 2d

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London, Middlesex, London, England