Charles John Bloxam

30th Jan 1800 - 25th Feb 1885

Claimant or beneficiary


London solicitor, trustee for two different families in two separate claims. Appears under his own name at 1 Lincolns Inn Fields only from 1864 in the London Gazette: prior to that he must have been in partnership, possibly in Hawkins, Bloxam and Stocker (later Hawkins, Bloxam and Hawkins) of New Boswell Court. However, trade directories show him at 2 Lincolns Inn Fields in the mid-1830s and he is listed at Lincolns Inn Fields for the birth of his two eldest children in 1829 and 1830.  His firm evolved into Bloxam and Ellison by the 1870s.

  1. Will of Charles John Bloxam late of 16 Bedford Place Russell Square and 1 Lincolns Inn Fields who died 25/02/1885 proved 20/05/1885 by inter alios William Tucker Bloxam the son, effects £13,541 2s 10d

  2. His second son, William Tucker Bloxam, died aged 100 Q2 1935, 65 Festin-road Southsea Hampshire, effects £86,326 13s 5d. This son appears to have been baptised Henry A'Court Bloxam, Highgate, 1836, the same name as their next son, also Henry A'Court Bloxam (born Highgate in 1840). There is no record of the death of the first Henry A'Court, nor of the birth of William Tucker Bloxam, when all the other children are registered.

  3. Charles John Bloxam was baptised 01/04/1801 St Mary, Islington, parents William Bloxam and Elizabeth. Likely marriage for his parents: William Bloxam married Elizabeth Isherwood in Ludgate Hill, London, 16/09/1827 (given the dates and places of the birth of CJB and his 10 siblings). Charles John Bloxam married Elizabeth Birt Tucker 19/04/1827 St Andrew Holborn, London.

  4. In the 1851 census, Charles John Bloxam was living on the High Street, Great Marlow, Bucks., age 50, solicitor, with his wife and four of his children; in the 1861 and 1871 censuses he was living at 16 Bedford Place, Middlesex.

  5. Charles John Bloxam was a governor of Highgate School, 1847-1881.


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Further Information

Elizabeth Tucker
Elizabeth Jane (1829-), Charles Rich (1830-), Harriet Mary (1833-), William Tucker (1836-), Anna Maria Sophia (1837-), Jane A'Court (1839-), Henry A'Court (1840-), John Astley (1843-), Ann De Visme

Will of Charles John Bloxam late of 16 Bedford Place Russell Square and 1 Lincolns Inn Fields who died 25/2/1885 proved 20/5/1885 by inter alios William Tucker Bloxam the son, effects £13,541 2s 10d (National Probate Calendar 1885)


Wealth at death
£13,541 2S 10D

Associated Claims (2)

£4,323 1s 10d
£2,003 14s 11d
Awardee (Trustee)

Addresses (4)

16 Bedford Place, Russell Square, London, Middlesex, London, England
2 Lincoln's Inn Fields, Lincoln's Inn, London, Middlesex, London, England
High Street, Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire, Central England, England
Mecklenburgh Square, St Pancras, London, Middlesex, London, England