Charles Walrond

29th Aug 1812 - 30th May 1876

Claimant or beneficiary


Very likely Charles Sandberg Walrond (1812-1876), son of Maine Swete Walrond of Manadon (d. 1817) and Antoinetta Louisa, daughter of John Sandberg of St Croix. This would make him the first cousin of Theodore Walrond (q.v.), who had power of attorney over Charles Walrond's compensation claim.

  1. Charles Sandberg Walrond, living at Christiansted, 28 Hospital Street, St Croix, in 1818 with his parents Maine S. Walrond and Louisa, and younger siblings. Also in the household were 6 male and 8 female enslaved people.

  2. Living with his parents and younger brother William at 19 Catherine Street, Liverpool, in 1841, merchant (his father's occupation given as gentleman). A lodger at 81 Bedford Street South, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, in 151, West India merchant, age 38, born St Croix. A lodger at 10 Charlewood Place, Westminster, in 1871, age 58, unmarried, merchant retired.

  3. The will of Charles Sandberg Walrond formerly of 10 Charlwood Place, Pimlico, but late of 3 Clarence Terrace, Tunbridge Wells, merchant, who died 30/05/1876 at 3 Clarence Terrace was proved by Louisa Walrond of 5 Major Terrace, Seaton, Devon, spinster, the sister and one of the executrixes. Effects under £1,000.

  4. Co-awardee with Gabriel Montrichard and Eliza Montrichard. Gabriel Montrichard had apparently married Eliza Walrond in Trinidad 08/05/1828, but the family relationship between Charles and Eliza is unknown.

  5. Maine Swete Walrond was born 22/09/1779 and died 17/12/1847 in Liverpool. He was married to Anne Antonette Lovise Sandberg (she was baptised 11/11/1790 on Constitution Hill, daughter of Laurits Sandberg and his wife Anna Christiana Krause, and died 17/10/1845 in England). They had eight children: Charles Sandberg Walrond (born 29/08/1812, died 30/05/1876 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent); Theodore Augustus Walrond (born 03/08/1814, died 29/10/1873); Lloyd Baker Walrond (born 29/09/1818, died 16/03/1879), Maine Swete Walrond (d. 1842); Louisa Amanda Walrond (alive in 1876 in Seaton, Devon); William Henry Walrond (died 09/03/1887); Anna Walrond (born c. 1820, died 05/03/1906 in Winter Dene, Southampton); Francis Frederich Walrond (died 10/05/1904).

Conceivably instead Charles Humphrey Walrond (1794-1841), edler brother of Ann Hughes Walrond, Lake Walrond, and Sarah Elizabeth Walrond and John Walcott Walrond (all q.v.); this would make him the third cousin of Theodore and Charles Sandberg Walrond.


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We are grateful to Niels Christian Hjorth, David Hollombe and Mark Dickinson for their assistance with compiling this entry.

Further Information

died unmarried

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£364 5s 1d

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Addresses (4)

10 Charlewood Place, Pimlico, London, Middlesex, London, England
19 Catharine Street, Liverpool, Lancashire, Merseyside, North-west England, England
3 Clarence Terrace, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, South-east England, England
81 Bedford Street South, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool, Lancashire, Merseyside, North-west England, England