Edward Bishop junior

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Resident slave-owner and then planter, shown still as of Pln Zorg in 1849 on the marriage of his daughter Johanna to John [sic] Denholm Fraser. NB the claimant was described as 'Edward Bishop senior' in the award for British Guiana no. 2283, while for Zorg the owner was registered as Edward Bishop jun. in 1826 and 1832. In the 1826 Return of enslaved people owned by officials, Edward Bishop jun. 1826 was shown as prop of a plantation with 270 slaves 'employed in sugar and plantain cultivation', which must have been Zorg.


David Dobson, Scots in Latin America (2003) p. 43, which shows Johanna daughter of Edward Bishop of Zorg marrying John Denholm Fraser but then has the same woman dying as the wife of James D. Fraser a few lines down. James Denholm Fraser, former Sheriff at New Amsterdam British Guiana but late of Gotham house Tiverton died in 1889 (having remarried), National Probate Calendar 1889.

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£14,118 9s 0d
£103 4s 10d
£103 4s 10d

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1832 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Sequestrator
1817 [EA] - 1849 [LA] → Owner