Chaloner Arcedeckne

Country house

Glevering Hall

Hacheston (Suffolk)

Built 1st Jan 1794


Country house, built for Chaloner Arecdeckne to designs by John White [attributed dates vary, but c. 1794]. Modified for Andrew Arcedckne (q.v.) by Decimus Burton 1834-1835.


British Listed Buildings suggests it was built for Andrew Arcedeckne c.1794, but this cannot be either Andrew Arcedeckne (d. 1763) or Andrew Arcedeckne (b. 1780). Other sources, including Wilson and Mackley Creating Paradise p. 350, show Chaloner Arcedeckne as the builder.

Further Information

John White
Details of modifications

Modified by Decimus Burton c. 1834--1835.

Architect of modifications
Decimus Burton
Current owner
Private owners