Thomas Hothersall of Giddy Hall Essex

Country house

Gidea or Giddy Hall

Gidea Hall, Romford, Essex (Essex)

Occupied ???? - 12th Jul 1710


Possession of the house descended to Thomas Hothersall from his father John (1654-1694) and mother Meliora who in turn appear to have inherited the Hall from John's uncle and aunt Col. John and Margaret Burch. At Thomas's death the house was sold to Sir John Eyles (1683-1745), merchant and politician. At various times, a Director of the East India Company, MP for Chippenham, and a Director of the Bank of England. Had the Hall rebuilt in 1725; in occupation until 1745. The house was eventually demolished in 1930. Among other sources see Lost Country Houses: Gidea Hall

When John and Margaret Burch returned to England from the Hogsty Plantation, Barbados in 1664 they bought Giddy Hall and brought with them as maidservant 'Cumba', who was and remained an enslaved woman until her death in April 1668. It is not known whether she was born in Africa and endured the middle passage or whether she was born in Barbados. She was buried at St Edward's Church, Romford. For more details see Ged Martin, 'Cumba: Havering's First Black Resident' and Cumba: the story of one slave women