Charles Brooke

MP (Whig)


He was returned for Chippenham again after a contest in 1806, but unseated on petition.

Stance on slavery:

7 June 1804: spoke in favour of the slave trade abolition bill and opposed any further importation of Africans to the West Indies; but not a total abolitionist; took the line that other powers would exploit the situation if Britain acted unilaterally

Supported slave importation bill, 18 Apr. 1806 but ‘adverse’ to abolition later that year.

Note also: 1813 and 1817: in favour of Catholic relief; 1813: voted against Christian missions to India.

R. G. Thorne (ed.), The House of Commons, 1790-1820 (5 vols., London, Secker & Warburg for the History of Parliament Trust, 1986), vol. III for further details.

Elections / Constituences

Chippenham Wiltshire
1802 - 1803 
Ilchester Somerset
1803 - 1806 

Date of end of tenure (day/month) for Ilchester (1806) is approximate.

Chippenham Wiltshire
1812 - 1818