Grenada 774 (Springs Estate)

28th Dec 1836 | 45 Enslaved | £1358 17s 8d

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Parliamentary Papers p. 312.

T71/880: claim by Edward Julius de Poullain and Louisa Charlotte (his wife), owner-in-fee. Counterclaim by John Berkeley, of Middlesex. Deed of assignment from the claimant and his wife to John Hopton Forbes and Matthew Hale for the whole of the compensation.

T71/1609: petition, dated 24/11/1835, from Thomas Hunt, of Hammersmith (Middlesex), a schoolmaster, stating: 'Your memorialist has a claim of one hundred and fifty four pounds fifteen shillings and eight pence against Edward Julius De Poullain of Springs Estate...for board and education of his son who is still under the care of your Memorialist.' He had applied repeatedly to Edward Julius De Poullain and his agent in this country, Capt. Soper, 'who has retracted a promise he had made to your Mem. to the effect that he would liquidate his claim with a portion of the compensation money', 'your Mem. being totally unacquainted with the routine of business'.

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Springs Estate

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